Dominican Republic Flag

Dominican Republic Flag

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

First Transfer in the Field!

​Wow, it´s been a CRAZY 6 weeks! I´m just freaking out because overall it went by really quickly... Including this transfer I have 11 more before I´m home... If you think about it like that, that´s not much time at all!
We have a new hermana in our house who just got out of the MTC and we have another elder in the ward who´s a greenie as well... You could say that I´m old now haha. We are a baby zone because we have 4 in training and 1 who just ended training.
Investigators.... tiny bit frustrating. The problem is is that my area is very poor and many people don´t know how to read and don´t understand even the simplest things. We are taking bible and mormon message videos to help teach them. I was feeling down the other day because I felt like we were doing the same thing over and over again... teaching to someone who wouldn´t listen or understand. Then yesterday we came across a lady named Joanna who is really interested in learning more... she´s been searching through all religions and she seems to like our values.
We now have a christmas tree, lights and other decorations in the house... I am pretty happy because it´s feeling a little more like Christmas... minus the 80 to 90 degree weather and the swarms of housflies.
Spanish is... Spanish. Haha. It´s coming slowly but surely. I can at least somewhat communicate with people. The biggest issue is understanding now... Sometimes I swear my mission call should have said for me to preach the gospel in Dominican.

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