Dominican Republic Flag

Dominican Republic Flag

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Outfits Outfits Outfits!

I have been stressing about how many outfits to bring on my mission. The call packet says 8-10 outfits, but I am worried that I will get really bored with what I'm wearing and that the clothes will wear out too quickly. I've decided that I will get a few skirts that will go with (at least) two shirts to add variety.
I've gotten mostly white and beige colors because light colors will help me keep cool. White goes with almost anything, so I could wear it with any of my skirts.
I also got a tan linen skirt that will go with almost any of my shirts.

Here are a few of the combinations I came up with!
 I know... it's a lot of white! I got different styles of white shirts to add variety.

 Neutral colored skirts are the best!

Navy Blue will go with most colors as well. :)
I'm also planning on adding a few scarfs and belts to the mix, plus a few cardigans. Hopefully I'll be set for a few weeks at least before I have to reuse an outfit!

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