Dominican Republic Flag

Dominican Republic Flag

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

(Late) New Year's Eve

Wow! Can you guys believe that we have only a few more hours of 2014?! This year has passed by so quickly!
Christmas Eve was pretty awesome... In Latin America the celebrate more Christmas Eve than actual Christmas. We had 2 dinners, both with investigators. 
The first was good... We ate lightly so we would have room for more!
Then we went to the 2nd, which was probably one of the best experiences of my mission! 
Her name is Mariela. She never leaves the house because she´s taking care of 4 children, so she never has visitors. She was super excited because this was her first Christmas Eve with company. She spent all day preparing a dinner for us and never quit smiling while we were there! It was so sweet. We had given them christmas lights and they had strung them all over the house. The kids were running around all excited. It was really special for me because I was able to focus on the reason we have Christmas.

In other things...
We had 9 investigators and 2 less actives in church on sunday!!! We were pretty excited because many of them were people who we have a hard time getting to church. 
A few nights ago everyone in our house was rudely awakened at 3 in the morning by about 100 motorcycles driven by a bunch of drunk Dominicans going by our house 2 times... I nearly fell out of bed with surprise!
We started our Jillian Michaels workout yesterday... We are doing it every other day... I feel so sore!
Today we made a life sized doll with the elders... We have 2 elders from Peru and in peru every New Year´s eve they make a doll out of old clothes and things to go out with the old and in with the new... It was pretty fun! 

My mission is going great... It´s still the hardest thing I´ve ever done in my life, but I am so grateful to be here. I honestly can´t think of anything else I would rather be doing right now. 

Hope you all have a wonderful new year´s! Les amo con todo mi corazon!
Hermana Krislee Twiner

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