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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Beginning Transfer 8 of 13! (August 12)

So today we had transfers! We are finally going to have a normal 6 week transfer! 
I am still in Jarabacoa with Hermana Kellogg!! She´s going home in a few weeks to start school, and I found out that I will be recieving a sister from my group who went home in my first transfer... Yep! That means I´m training!!!
Brittany got baptized on Saturday! It was amazing to see the love and support we recieved from the members. Afterwards we went to her house and made cupcakes in celebration.
Last night we had a girls´ night with our Sister Leaders. We made apple pie and had a good time talking. It was Hermana Bates´s last night... She, Hermana Gonzalez (My trainer) and several other awesome missionaries are going home today. I am grateful for my time in getting to know them.
Funny story... One of our less actives was fed up with her 12 year old son constantly leaving the house on his bike, even when she told him not to, so she told us that she slashed his tires... Just enough to let it explode when he put his weight on it. In that moment her son came up and said ¨Mom! My tire exploded!¨ and she said ¨Well, maybe you should listen better.¨ She was cracking up laughing!
I am loving the mission more than ever... It is amazing how the Lord can change you as you forget yourself and get to work. I love these people and am grateful for how the have embraced me as part of their family.
Love you all, and hope you have a wonderful week!
Con amor,
Hermana Twiner
p.s. I passed my 11 month mark the other day... Can someone tell me how to slow down time?

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