Dominican Republic Flag

Dominican Republic Flag

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Surviving a Dominican Hospital for 5 Days... I´ll put that on my resume.

Ok before anyone freaks out I wasn´t sick, but my companion was.
It began a week ago, when she felt really dizzy all the time. On Friday we left the house 2 hours late because she had a migraine, and she was really suffering the entire time we were out, but didn´t want to go home. Our branch president kept telling us to go to the doctor, but we thought she was just a little nauseous.
At 5:30 am Saturday morning I was awakened to her shouting in her sleep... She was delirious with 102 fever. I called our Branch president and he and another member came by and took us to the emergency room. After they stuck her a million times (I felt bad for her because she is scared of needles!) they took us to room 303 and left us there until this morning... Well not exactly. They occasionally left a plate of rice for my companion and would wake us up at all times of the night to take blood tests... I´m not sure if 4am is the best time to wake up a patient, but whatever.
I´m really grateful for the members here in Jarabacoa. I think I gained weight from the food they brought us everyday. On saturday we had basically the entire branch squeezed into our little cell.
Hermana Peters´s family sent her a huge bouquet of sunflowers yesterday... We managed to get it into the house!

But we´re good now! We got out 2 hours ago because Elder and Hermana Grange came and saved us... They wouldn´t even let my companion leave her room until we payed the 19550 peso bill... She wasn´t even supposed to be unhooked from her IV but she took it out by herself.
Well this week was interesting but I sure learned a lot of Spanish medical terms!
Con amor,
Hermana Twiner

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