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Sunday, November 8, 2015

I Survived a Hurricane and a Waterfall!

​So... that ¨Hurricane¨....  It was raining from Thursday night until about 3pm Friday. We were getting ready to leave when our district leader called and said...

¨Hey you guys had better not leave today.¨
¨What are you guys doing? Just staying in the house?¨
¨Well... My comp just went back to bed...¨

We waited around until 4pm, and there was no rain. So we left to go see some recent converts, and their aunt opened the door and was like, ¨Sisters! What are you doing out of the house? There´s a hurricane coming, we are in the eye of the storm!¨
Having survived a hurricane (Hurricane Katrina in 2005), I got nervous, and said to my comp ¨Hey I think we´d better go home. But first let´s get some snacks.¨
So we went to the supermarket... And our branch president called, saying that we needed to get into the house RIGHT THEN.
So we got home, watched a church movie, and......... NOTHING. We wasted a whole day, thanks to Erika.

The rest of the week in terms of numbers... stinked.

Hermana Kellogg left monday morning 😢 But she´s safely back in California, ready to start BYUI! She left me a bunch of stuff... I like ¨Killing¨ a companion! (¨to kill¨ in missionary terms means to be their last companion before going home.)

I stayed in Santiago for 2 days with Hermana Snow in Nibaje, near the mission office. It was fun... We rocked out to Christmas music. Which reminds me... It´s September now, and Christmas starts in September in the DR!!!!

So now I´m back in Jarabacoa with Hermana Landaverde from El Salvador. She´s 26 years old and is nearly done with her mission. I´m excited to get to know her!

Today we visited a waterfall near my area with the zone!!!  It was beautiful! (I fell down one of the smaller ones, hence the title of the email... My arms hurt because I had 2 people grab me at once and yank me up.

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