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Dominican Republic Flag

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Harry Potter in the DR!

Well this week was really good... We found tons of new people to teach and even set a baptismal date with 5 of them! 

On Sunday I got some stomach virus that´s been going around... It wasn´t very fun, but I survived. We tried going out to teach, but we only managed to have one lesson because I began having chills and nearly fell asleep in my chair! 
SO we went home, but ON THE WAY HOME...
We saw Daniel Radcliffe.

Well, at least it LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE THE BLOKE. He even had the same style, same hair, skin, eyes, strut, smile...
And if you guys know me I´m a Potterhead. I know Harry Potter when I see him.

My companion was walking a few feet ahead of me and she turned around with a shocked look on her face and was like... ¨Is that Daniel Radcliffe?¨ And then her eyes widened and she said ¨Snap, he´s coming!¨

Turns out that Daniel Radcliffe has a Dominican Doppelganger that lives in Jarabacoa, and that he came to talk to us because he saw two blonde Americans with some intense interest in his looks... He seemed really upset when I told him that he looked like Harry Potter... Apparently everyone thinks so. I should have gotten a picture.

​We had a sisters´ christmas party in La Vega on Thursday... Take a look at that hot chocolate!!!!! We also had a white elephant gift exchange of things from the house, which I gave...

​Yeah it´s a chickfila cow with gummy hamburgers. 

​And here´s a picture of our sisters´ group... I think everyone is looking at her own camera... Hence I´m the only one looking at mine.

Well, transfers are next week... We´ll see what they bring! DUM DUM DUM... Is Hermana Twiner staying in Jarabacoa, or leaving? Tune in next week for the ADVENTURES OF HERMANA TWINER!!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Twiner

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