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Dominican Republic Flag

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Holy Cow! 14 Months!

I hit 14 months yesterday... It seems like I should have hit 13 yesterday... Or 9...
Juana Vargas is getting baptized the 28th of this month!!!! All the members are super excited, and we are planning a bunch of activities that are centered in the soul purpose of supporting her before and after her baptism. Please keep her in your prayers!!!
I had companionship exchanges on Friday with Hermana Anderson from Virginia (The Northern part). We found AIRHEADS in a corner store! I bought 2 because they were only 5 pesos (about 10 cents) each and I hadn´t seen them in my entire time being here. It´s funny what you take for granted living in a first world country...
We also had district conference (It´s like Stake Conference, but we aren´t big enough in this area to be a stake.) on Sunday. Juana came, as well as a new investigator who is a friend of our recent convert, Hillary. His name is Leo.
We also have new people who moved into the ward who are from BOSTON! AMERICANS!!!!!! Well, They´re Dominican, but they´re raised there. They are super nice... We need to figure out where they live exactly so we can get to know them better.
Today we went to the Jimenoa waterfall... I had already gone back in September, but Hermana Peters wanted to go, so we went with our Branch mission leader, Jonathan. It was pretty fun! Afterwards we went to Pala Pizza and I got a yummy caramelized onion and bacon flatbread pizza... I had to be rolled home afterwards, but it was worth it.

​I love you guys and hope you have a stellar week!
Hermana Twiner

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