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Monday, August 10, 2015

Another Week (June 17)

Hey guys!
So this last week was FILLED to the brim! We are trying to work more with members...last week wasn´t that great, as we only had 4 lessons with member, but somehow we managed to fit in 18 lessons without a member??? Plus a few with less actives and a couple hours of service...

So this last weekend we had to help the elders out because they ran out of money and their gas tank was empty, so we cooked for them two days in a row. The first day we did a prank when we threw them the keys from the balcony to let them up... I put them in a bucket and Hermana Ramirez was recording their reactions as I threw them down... The elders jumped back, because I´m still infamous for dumping a bucket of water on Elder Garcia back in December. 
The next day They just passed by to pick up the food. While we were talking Elder Huertas put down the food on a shelf in the garage and I hid it behind a box. After like 5 minutes they realized it was gone, and they began searching wildly for it, thinking that someone had stolen it. Hermana Ramirez and I were watching them, laughing our heads off... I got all the blame, so I´m watching my back everywhere I go!

Monday I was able to go to Puerto Plata with Hermana Mateo, Elders Huertas and Whitworth, and some future missionaries from Mao 1 Ward to get our teeth checked... STILL CLEAN! I still have my perfect record of NOT having cavities! We arrived at the chapel in a ruta, or a dominican version of a taxi. Basically you fit 7 people in a normal 5 person car. It´s normally not a big deal, except we were squished in there for no less than 1 HOUR! Elder Huertas got a wisdom tooth pulled... ouch. There were several members of the church from the USA who were asking me about my mission, and I even had to translate for a few of them while they were doing work... It was a little hard because I´m not that familiar with dental terms in Spanish! 
We were there a little longer than we were thinking... We got out of the church at 2ish then headed to eat some food. I got to see the ocean! I´ve been on this island for more than 9 months and I´ve seen the ocean like 3 times... Someday, maybe after my mission, I´ll be at the beach. 

Yesderday was our last zone conference with President and Sister Douglas  It was awesome though... President made us all smoothies and then we had pizza and chocolate mint cake for lunch! I was really happy! 
I´m going to miss Pres and Sister Douglas, but I´m excited to meet our new president, President Castillo. He´s Dominican, and doesn´t know English, so that will be interesting. But I know that he´s what the Lord needs for this mission at this moment. He´s arriving June 30.

Well, I love you all very much and hope that this week is the best ever! You are always in my prayers! 
Con amor,
Hermana Twiner

How to know your mission president is awesome

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