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Monday, August 10, 2015

Marriage, pioneers, baptisms, and WHAT???? Goodbyes???

So the marriage was a success!!!!!!! We ran out of the internet center to go to Jose and Pola`s marriage. Hermana Gonzalez my trainer came as well, and it was awesome to see her! 
That night we had the pioneer activity.... super successful! Everyone loved it! We had a dance, 3 legged race, tug of war, and of course the legendary stick pull... The bishop and another brother broke the stick. At the end of an activity we found a mouse in the chapel and Elder Ramirez killed it by stepping on it. THEN someone put it in the trashcan without us knowing, so you can imagine how wonderful the chapel smelled two days later.
Saturday we had the baptisms. ´Jose was so funny... He said, ¨Hermana Twiner, I am excited today because I won´t be a dry mormon anymore!¨ Mariela had done Pola´s hair in a cute fishtale braid. We had lots of people come support them.

Monday we had a service with the Mao 1 elders to take down an old fence at a members house. There were ants. Everywhere. That bite. I still have bumps all over my arms and legs.

Tuesday we went to the rest home as a zone and helped out for an hour before sitting down together to find out tranfers. They said that I was going to Jarabacoa!!!! I knew I was going because I already had so much time there, but I couldn´t believe it!

So now I am here in Jarabacoa... In the mountains with Hermana Kellogg! I only have 2 hours or so here, so I´ll tell you more about it next week!

Love yáll!!
Hermana Twiner

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