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Dominican Republic Flag

Monday, August 10, 2015

Hola Familia (June 10)

So today is a big day! Today marks my halfway mark of my mission! Sorry in advance for the terrible punctuation and grammar... Still not accostomed to spanish computers. 

I am in Santiago right now because today was our special Santiago PDAY! I am on companionship exchanges right now with Hermana Ramirez from Guatemala,and my companion is in the house with Hermana Mateo. 

This week was a little interesting... We had 6 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!! We have also gotten a few more references and everyone is doing great. 

SAD NEWS... The Villanueva family told us yesterday that they are going to Venezuela to visit Angela's family and don't know when they will come back... They are leaving on Sunday so I am almost certain that this will be GOODBYE. I've been feeling a little emotional for the last little bit because I love that family so much, and I have been with them since the start of my mission. 

So I have had the idea of having a pioneer activity with the 2 wards for a while now, and it's finally coming true!! I mentioned it to my District leader, Elder Rodas, who thought it was awesome. Then I talked to my Zone leader,  who also thought it was awesome, so we had a joined meeting with the bishops of our wards. 
We are going to be teaching the Nauvoo round dance and the Highland Fling, while I play the fiddle. We are also planning on cooking over a fire and making homemade butter. (Elder Whitworth suggested that we go REALLY pioneer and burn buffalo chips, so I put him in charge of finding a place in the DR that rents buffalos.)
But yeah... We are going to make this a BIG event... Bishop Garcia is even going to print big posters to hang in the city. The activity is going to be called "Fe en cada paso," or "Faith in every footstep." I feel that this is going to be an awesome and spiritually uplifting activity.

On Sunday my companion and I went to Sabaneta so she could recieve her patriarcal blessing. I waited with Hermanas Frostand Zegarra while she recieved it. Afterwards we went and ate at the Hermana's house... We made spaghetti with salami (You have to understand that we are poor and salami is a staple here in the DR... A typical DR dish is rice, eggs and salami.) And pudding! 
I fell asleep on the way home... My companion told me that she would pay my ticket both ways, so I didn't worry about it. When we were walking home, my companion stopped and shouted... I DIDN'T PAY OUR PASSAGE!!!!
She had fallen asleep as well, and we were both so sleepy that we didn't even remember the man's face. He hadn't said anything, so we totally forgot! I told my companion that I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a sin...

Overall things are going wonderfully and I am loving my mission... I'm a little scared that I only have left what I have already done! I look forward to seeing you guys, so I am going to be working harder than ever these next 9 months!

Les quiero muchisimo! Usted son los mejores! La iglesia es verdadera!
Con amor,
Hermana Twiner

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