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Monday, August 10, 2015

Seeing the Lord's Hand in Mao (June 3)

Ok so after the baptisms of Jimmy and Ricardo back in April I´ve been having a hard time because it seemed like NO ONE was progressing. Our mission president has prohibited contacting, so we can only work with references. The only problem with that is, is that we hardly EVER get references! 

Well, it began when the sisters from Mao 1st ward (I am in Mao 2) gave us a reference for a lady who shared once with them and REALLY wanted us to come visit her in her house. Her name is Sofi. We went and she said that she´s really interested, but doesn´t want to be pushed into anything. Step by step.

The next day we left the house in the morning at 10.30. I was a little in a hurry because we left later than we wanted. Well, it turned out to be ok because a lady stopped us in the street. Here´s the conversation...

Lady... ¨You guys are missionaries for the Mormon church?¨
Us... ¨Yes...¨
Lady... ¨Hi. My name´s Dulce Maria. I want you to come work with my family. We want to all be baptized as soon as possible.¨
Us... ¨..................¨

We couldn´t believe our ears! I was a little skeptical because it all seems too incredible. She gave us her address and number as well.

We looked her up that same afternoon. It took an hour and a half to find it, and we were with Jimmy and Ricardo. We found it and she comes around the corner and was like ¨Ah, my daughters! Come in!¨ She gave us water and we asked her how she came to know the church. 

She said that she has a daughter who lives in Sweden who is LDS and a niece who lives in Brazil who is SUPER proud of being Mormon. 

BUT the thing most amazing is, is that SHE HAS READ THE BOOK OF MORMON ALL THE WAY THROUGH AND KNOWS THAT IT IS THE WORD OF GOD. She said that before it wasn´t her time, but now it is.


They all accepted the baptismal invitation, we just have to put a specific date, which we are doing tomorrow. 

They all came to church on Sunday! Wooo! We had 8 investigators and 4 less actives!

EVEN MORE... Dulce Maria is now giving us REFERENCES! What?! We´ve known her for 4 days and she´s already doing more for the work than 95% of the members here! 

We´ve also recieved 2 references from our zone leader... One of them is a woman who speaks english! Now I have to remember how to teach in English... haha.

Anyways... I know that the Lord is unfolding a great work here in Mao. Please pray for these people. Everyone needs the gospel. All it takes is a desire from one person to share the gospel, and after that it is an unending chain. We are all children of a Heavenly Father who loves us. 

Con muchisisisimo amor,
Hermana Twiner

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