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Monday, August 10, 2015

Rest Homes, Chocolate Oatmeal, and Marriages (July 1)

Ok so I think I might be getting better at titling my emails... Or maybe not. 

We have a new Mission President, President Castillo, who is from here in the DR. I haven´t met him yet, as he got here yesterday, but I am looking forward to seeing him. I´ll definitely miss the Douglas´s and all that they did for me at the start of my mission and throughout the rest, but I´m trying to be positive and see what the Lord has in store for us with the new President.

Ok so the rest home...
We went with the Elders yesterday to help with the Mao rest home. I took pictures, but I am in the library right now and they don´t allow us to connect anything to the computers.
We cleaned the sidewalks and grass before talking with the people there. They are so cute and funny... Elder Ramirez was talking with a lady named Blanquita who called him her boyfriend, and I talked to a woman named Ana who was telling me about her plans to get married and run off to New York. (Dominicans think that the US is New York... I have to explain to several times a week that the US is WAY bigger than New York.) 
Overall I loved the service. The workers recieved us really well and we actually managed to get a few contacts. I hope to do it again before transfers!

Chocolate oatmeal...
We get our support money to buy groceries and such every 15 days or so. Not sure what happened, but somehow every one of us in the house managed to spend all our money and eat all of our food. We had to get really creative with our food. 
I had oatmeal, but no milk or sugar. So what did we do? Hermana Nauca gave me a little bit of Nesquick and we made CHOCOLATE OATMEAL! really tasty and easy to make. 
We got our money yesterday and bought food today... I made sure to buy Nesquick and oatmeal .

Jose and Pola are FINALLY getting married! We´ve been planning their marriage and baptism since March and it´s FINALLY happening! It´s really a blessing that our bishop is a lawyer, who has helped us so much with the process.
They were going to be married this Friday, but we had a little hiccup with the date, so now they are going to be married one week from today on the 8th and baptized on the 11th... Please pray that everything turns out!!!!

Honestly this last week flew by faster than ever... A week used to seem like forever to wait to talk with my family, but now it seems like I log off and then log back on. I can´t believe how fast this transfer is going by... And it´s the longest transfer that I´ll have in my mission! 
I love you all and hope that everything is going well in your lives. You are always in my prayers.

Fe en cada paso
Con amor,
Hermana Twiner

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