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Dominican Republic Flag

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another Day in the DR!

Wow... It´s Wednesday again already?????? They don't joke when they say that the mission flies by!

So this is the last week of the transfer... ¿Que? And I could very possibly be getting transferred a week from now. I have mixed feelings about that. I emailed my mission president and he only told me that ¨we´ll have to see what the angels say about transfers¨. 

Miracle of the week... well, maybe 2.
Both on Sunday...
THey needed Hermana Bates to play piano for the stake choir practice on Sunday, so we needed to go on companionship exchanges with members of the ward. 
We were certain that no one would be willing to go with us for more than 2 hours, but we had faith and we called every member of whom we had their number. And what???? WE GOT COMPANIONS! WHOOO!

The sencond Miracle is while I was on exchanges with a member named Hermana Colasa. We went to visit my special investigator Mariela. When we arrived Mariela seemed super sad, but she let us share. We prayed, and when we ended, Mariela was sobbing and ran into the house. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that her grandfather had just died, and now she hardly has any family left alive. 
I immediately called the Elders, who are absolutely AMAZING, and they dropped everything to come and give her a blessing.
Elder Irish, one of our Americans in training gave the blessing. This was one of the times that I KNEW that the Lord was working through him... He spoke with almost PERFECT spanish, and I seriously felt the presence of the Savior there. 
Mariela seemed a different person after that. She's also trying to move forward to be able to be baptized, so she can go to the temple and do ordinances for her mother and grandfather. I can't tell you how much I love her!!!!

In other things... We found a golden investigator!!! He was a reference from the Elders of Mao1. He has an LDS girlfriend living in the US, and they want to get married... but in the temple and he told us that he needs to be clean and a member to do that. He has a deep desire to follow Christ and wants to better his life.  When we arrived at his house he was reading about the atonement and said that he really learned a lot from the pamphlet. The whole time we listened to him I was like ¨OK where are the cameras? this never happens!¨ He doesn't even work on Sunday!!!!!!

Well, time is moving faster and faster and I am realizing that I have less and less time every day to accomplish what I have prepared my whole life to do. I want to reflect on my mission knowing that I did what the Lord wanted me to do.

Love you all and I hope to hear from you!!!!
Hermana Twiner

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