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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Senior Comp and Stepmom

Ok first things first... Sorry about the last email.... It was April Fool´s day! I´m not going to Cuba. I´m still in Mao, but with Hermana Nauca. I am Senior Companion, and her ¨stepmom¨. (We call our trainers our moms and the comp right after that our stepmom or dad) So suddenly I´M the one with all the experience and in charge of making final decisions... 

We were able to teach Edward almost every day last week becaue he was off of work and school for the Holy Week. His sister has lots of questions for us... Until she asked me if we believe in giving blood tranfusions! But really, They are golden and I hope that they can be baptized as a family.

We are now entering into Mango season... I think they are my new favorite fruit. Mariela gave us about 5 pounds of mangos the other day and we made a smoothie that night. The only problem is that they get their little hairs stuck inbetween your teeth and I had to floss like 4 times yesterday! 

So this last weekend was General Conference, which was awesome! I got to watch it in English with the other American Missionaries... We were super excited when we found out that Haiti´s getting a temple! Two temples on the island! 

The Dominican easter tradition is to make habichuela con dulce, or ¨sweet beans?¨ It´s basically beans, cinnamon, milk, sweet potato and occasionally raisins. Sounds weird, but it´s actually good! I tried it on Friday for the first time, and by Saturday night I had had it 5 times! I had some more last night, which was my favorite. 

So I´m still in Mao, still in this adventure. I´m excited for this transfer to see how much my language skills will improve... I´m going to be living with 3 spanish hermanas from Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru... It should do wonders! I´ll pratically be a native speaker (I hope!)

Well, I love you all and hope that everything is well with you. You are always in my prayers! The church is true!

Hermana Twiner

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