Dominican Republic Flag

Dominican Republic Flag

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

He Lives!

So I was on FB today because we have permission to share a quick video ¨because he lives.¨
We had 9 investigators on Sunday in sacrament meeting, plus 1 less active!!!! Talk about a miracle!
We made rootbeer floats on Monday... Let´s just say that I was overly happy.
We watched The TEstaments on Monday with investigators and it was awesome. Their agnostic friend was there trying to confuse us with his smartness, but our investigators took over by testifying of the BoM. I was really proud of them!
Today was super fun because I was able to go on exchanged with Hna Bradfort because our comps had to go to Santiago to renew their visas. We cleaned the house while singing Frozen, went to get groceries, bought ice cream, and then ate it in the park. It was a really fun, stress free day.
We had zone conference yesterday. After the conference I had this conversation with Pres. Douglas...
Me... THanks, President for your capacitation.
Pres. Douglas... In English we say ¨training.¨ But don´t worry... You´ll speak English again one day.
(The word in Spanish is capacitación... I just said it with an English accent.)

Well, sorry that I didn´t have a lot of time to write today, I promise next week will be better! 

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