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Dominican Republic Flag

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April Fools!

This last month Elder Jeffery R. Holland of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles came to the Caribbean and announced some pretty amazing things... One of which is that we will be opening Cuba in OUR mission!
Well, my mission president called me this morning and asked me if I would be willing to be one of a group of 7 sisters and 7 elders going to open new areas in Cuba. I was shocked, and a little overwhelmed, but trusting that President knew what he was doing, I accepted. So i´ll be headed to Cuba next week! (Doing my crazy nervous dance in the comp lab)
April Fools!!!!!!! (for that last paragraph)

So what else happened this week? 

I got a love letter from a guy who´s older than my dad. He´s a really nice guy and seems interested in the church... He´s already come 2 times to church since we invited him!
I was at Mariela´s house (He´s a family friend) and before we left Mariela was like, ¨Oh, Hna Twiner Alberto left a note for you guys saying sorry for not coming to church!¨ And I was like, ¨Wow, He really likes the church!¨ Then she brought be the letter and I open it and a heart shaped sucker falls out and he wrote this long letter telling me that he feels so happy coming to church while I´m there and that I´m beautiful not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. 
I had another one of those ¨I hate being blonde¨ moments... I´m basically a walking visa here. 

We met with Edward´s sisters, mom and brother! They are all perfect! Golden! We knew they were special the moment when Edward´s brother, John gave up his chair for his mom. That was the first act of chivalry I´ve seen on my whole mission! By the end of the lesson they were asking what they needed to do to prepare to be baptized... I had another ¨OK where are the cameras?¨ moments...

I was feeling a little down on Monday with stress and other things, but I had an interview with our awesome District Leader, Elder Garcia who helped a lot. He had me sing ¨Count your Blessings¨ for him and I immediately felt better!

Hermana Salazar is one of the sisters that´s in the other companionship in the house. she´s from Costa Rica, so it´s interesting to have to speak Spanish constantly. Well anyways, she knows a little English, so we are helping her as well. I taught her two new words... Creepy and awkward, which was hard because there aren´t specific words for them in Spanish. SO... I had to demonstrate what each meant. Now Hna Salazar says that whenever she thinks of me she thinks of creepy and awkward. She also wrote me a note that said ¨I love u Americana. You are creepy and awkward.¨ At least she won´t ever forget me...
She also dressed up in a white dress and a halo and floated over my bed saying ¨I am the angel Moroni... I´ve come to grant you your wishes.¨ It was funny the first time, but the 4th and 5th time at 11 at night is getting a little old. I asked her why Moroni was a girl, but she said that boys aren´t allowed in sisters´apartments. Good point.

We made brownies last night and listened to Enya... That´s my type of celebrating ¨PDAY EVE!¨ Haha!

Time is going quicker and quicker... Next week is Transfers, so we´ll see if I stay or if I go... I´ve had nearly 6 months in Mao, so it´s very likely that I´ll go, but we´ll see what the Lord wants!

Love you all!
Hermana Twiner

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