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Wednesday, April 29, 2015



So I don´t have LOTS of time, but here we go....

Edward is still amazing... I actually got to talk to his girlfriend over skype when we went with him on Monday! She lives in Virginia and speaks English really well. 

So I was really low on food this week... Like only eggs and pickles with a little bit of hot sauce on the side. I had money, but there isn´t a close ATM so I decided to wait until PDay. 
Well, I was just talking with my companion about this on Monday night when we were on the way to an appointment when this lady called to us and asked if we wanted a few bananas. We said yes, and then she gave us about 5 pounds of bananas! We graciously thanked her and offered to share a scripture, but she declined. 
We then continued to our appointment with a less active member, and she gave us corn on the cob! It was really rubbery and tastless... A real bummer after the man kept telling me how sweet it was. I guess American sweet corn is candy corn compared to here. Oh well...
THEN yesterday I was really wanting something sweet, and Elder Garcia shows up at the doorstep with a bag of sweets! I was elated!
Then today I found root beer in Santiago. My comp and I are going to pick up some ice cream on the way home to make root beer floats. 

We´ve also made headway with Jose and Pola´s wedding plans... We figured out the process and the price and they are super excited! Now we want to see if it´s possible for us to be the witnesses, but if not, we have plenty who are more than willing to help. We´re praying that they can have everything done by our goal of an April 18 baptism!

Well, love you all dearly, and hope you the best this next week! Be sure to write me!

Con amor,
Hermana Krislee Twiner
Mao, DR

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