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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quick Update

Howdy all! 
I just wanted to send a quick note to you, telling you that all is well in Mao! This last week has been pretty great, with its ups and downs. 
So being senior companion is pretty stressful, but it´s also gotten me up and running and more focused on the work. We are leaving as soon as possible in the mornings,and running home at night to be in on time. 
My spanish is getting much better, but it´s still hard at times to not be able to ¨let it out¨ in English. 
I´ve eaten rice nearly every day this week.
I passed my 7 months this last week.
On Sunday we were feeling really tired and down because nobody was home, so we went to Mariela´s house, where she got a pole and gave us a bucket of mangos... Hermana Nauca ate 10 and I ate 6 (They weren´t very big, but I still felt like I ate 6 mangos afterwards...) It was pretty awesome to just sit there and talk and eat mangos freshly picked from her front yard... Not something you get to do very often in the States!
We had interviews with Pres. Douglas this Monday, which was awesome because we always have a nice lunch and get to talk with both President and Sister Douglas. We also were able to talk with the other missionaries for a few hours. The only minor issue was that we were at the church from 10am until nearly 5pm, making proselyting hours super short. 
Yesterday we had English class, which I was in charge of...  It was better than I was thinking, considering that I am NOT a good teacher in groups! I had Elders Irish and Whitworth helping me... We are working as a team beause we are the only 3 ¨gringos¨in Mao right now. We are beginning the church 12 week english program next week, which from what I´ve heard is really effective.

Well, I hope you guys have a wonderful week! I love you all and hope to hear from everyone!

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