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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Still in Mao

Well, guys... I´m still in Mao!!!!!! And I still have Hermana Bates as my companion!!!!!!!! 

We also found out that Hermana Potter left  and Elder Valasquez is coming back to Mao... He started his mission here, stayed for 9 months, left for 2 transfers, came back for 2, left, and now he´s coming here again and he´s finishing in 2 more transfers. So in 2 years he´s had a total of 4 transfers outside of Mao! (At least this time he´s in Mao 1... the last 2 times he was in Mao 2) I thought it was funny because I totally told him that he would ¨die¨ in Mao... I guess I cursed him!

We were super excited, because we have... (Drum roll) A BAPTISMAL DATE FOR MARCH 21! 
It´s with Edward, our golden investigator. After a lesson we asked him if he had any questions, and he said ¨Yes... what do I need to do to be baptized? I want to do it as soon as possible.¨
And we were like...  (Smileys jumping up and down if you can´t see it)

We also had stake conference this last weekend... I have never felt so stressed about stake conference! It´s a little harder to get people there, so the church rents a bus. Hermana Bates and I left a little earlier than usual so she could play for the choir, so we weren´t sure if any investigators went. We were sad when we didn´t see anyone that we knew,  but there were over a thousand people there. Afterwards Elder Garcia told me that we had 6 INVESTIGATORS there... and we didn´t even see them! (We made sure to visit them and thank them for coming.)

Well I hear you Tennessee folks are getting some pretty crazy weather. Well, I don´t have anything really cool to tell you, except that it rained none stop for nearly 48 hours, and our house sits at the bottom of the gradual hill of Mao. We almost had to call Moses to help us get out of the house. 

Sweet story of the week... Ricardo Villanueva, who is 11 years old, told us that he´s been reading the book of mormon and he knows with all his heart that it is true, and that the church is true. I nearly started bawling when he told us! I love that kid!

So... interesting Dominican investigator story of the week...
Yesterday we went with Mariela and her partner was ACTUALLY THERE!!! The lesson went pretty well. Well, afterwards, Hermana Bates was speaking with Mariela and I had the interesting privelage of speaking with Santiago. 
He told me that he had had a dream (He called it revelation) about Noah´s Ark. He said that he was inside the ark and that Noah was sitting on a chair and that the ark began to rock back and forth while the earth was filling up with water. He heard the people screaming outside trying to get in, and the other people in the ark were looking for Noah´s other son... The one that no one knows about because he´s not in the Bible.
I told him that that was an interesting dream, but he corrected me. He said, ¨No, Sister Twiner. It was a REVELATION from GOD.¨
I didn´t want to argue, but I think our next lesson with him should be on prophets and how we can´t recieve revelation for the world unless we are given that authority.

Well, there is so much more that I want to tell you all, but I don´t want to take up too much of your time... plus, I´m saving some stories for after the mission to share in person... It´s best to get the reactions in person 

I love you all to bits, and I hope to hear from you all!

con amor,
Hermana Krislee Twiner
Mao 2B

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