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Dominican Republic Flag

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Friday the 13th and the Ides of March Weekend

Well, I´m not usually the superstitious type... But we just passed Friday the 13th and the Ides of March in one weekend! Sunday was a little rough... Hardly anyone was home and we found out that one of our investigator families split up... But, all you can do is push forward sometimes!

Well, We had to push Edward´s date back a little bit because he can only visit with us on Sundays and Mondays because of work and school, and we want him to understand all the basics before he gets baptized. We have it for the 18 of April now, and we feel good about that date.

We had an amazing lesson about Joseph Smith last Friday! We watched the Restoration video with them and then I bore a testimony to them... It was one of those times where I KNEW that the spirit was bearing testimony of my words. Magdalena was crying, and she´s not a cryer! Right afterwards the dad was asking what he should do to come to church. 

One day this lady stopped us to give us flowers.... She gave Hna Bates a cute little pink one and then she tried to get a white flower for me from a tree... she ended up breaking off the whole branch and so I walked down the street with a branch.

On Monday I recieved some mail from my family and some random guy named Jorge Rivas from Florida... I opened it and it was a bunch of recipes from my Mom and a note from him saying that he found the envelope near his house. He also gave me his business card. I am going to send him an email now to thank him... Definitely a tender mercy!

Today we went to the grocery store and on the way we found.... a five dollar bill. I thought it was fake at first, but it´s real! Five American dollars in a Dominican street...

I got proposed to last night in our English class... This kid was relentless. I know I´m gorgeous and all, but honestly! We had to get the Elders to tell him to stop.

We also had Chimis last night... They are like a Dominican bbq sandwich with corn in it. If you want to make something special here you put corn in it. I have had corn on my pizza several times. 

Well, I love you all a lot! Hope to hear from you soon!

Hermana Twiner

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